The Red Rope

It’s great to be on the right side of the red rope. It feels good. You have been accepted and selected, and you’re headed in the door. Personally, I don’t get anything out of being on the right side while watching those who are not, but there are a lot of people who do love this power-play.

The red rope though is a fickle thing. For it to be ‘hot’ the destination must be in the highest demand. The people controlling the rope must be the best at curating just the right mix of people on the right side of the rope. They must select so that the collective energy is greater than the sum of its parts.

There has to a buzz in the marketplace, created by the rope selectors and rope selectees that pulses out beyond their own social spheres. And the end destination on the right side of the rope has to have something to say which is highly relevant to that moment in time in that marketplace.

As all of these conditions evolve and change almost daily, the red rope comes fast and usually dies faster.

Sounds exhausting? It is. Those who chase the red rope burn out. Those who control the red rope burn out. And in the end, one has to question the culture of the red rope- who wants to be part of something that they know cannot be shared? What is the psychology behind a person who finds that…cool?

And so- be Inclusive, not Exclusive. Look to teach, not to shun. Look to foster experiences, not shut them down. You’ll see a multitude of pay it forward energy/karma/etc…and it is very very cool…

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